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Tuesday 15th September 2015

Habit5 – Lincoln’s leading market research agency – is taking the unusual step of sending out heads to senior managers at five leading Lincolnshire-based businesses. The recipients of the china Phrenology heads will each be entitled to a Full Day’s FREE Consulting on how to use market research to drive their company forward and create mutual value with their customers. So if a head lands on your desk at work, it’s not the Lincolnshire mafia ‘sending a message’ but an opportunity to see what market research could do for your company at no cost to you.

Phrenology Head

David Jones, Managing Director of Habit5, explained the thinking behind this striking promotional campaign, “We’ve reached the second anniversary of the launch of Habit5, back in September 2013, and we wanted to mark this in a unique way. We help businesses, brands and organisations get closer to understanding what is going on inside the minds of their customers – using Phrenology heads seemed an intriguing way to bring this to life.” For more on tips to properly handle a business, you might want to read this post about What is a MVL.

Market Research Executive, Anna Tuffs, picks up the story, “Phrenology was a popular 19th century theory stating that intelligence, personality and character traits are revealed by the location of various contours, or bumps, in the skull. Psychological understanding and behavioural research has come a long way since then. But marketeers and business owners still have an ongoing need to know what their customers and prospective customers are thinking – which is where we come in.”

Noura Nehme of Habit5 explains the logic behind the FREE Consulting offer, “We’ve successfully conducted major research and consulting projects for Visit Lincoln, Bishop Grosseteste University and the Woodland Trust. We want to contribute further to the commercial success of businesses and organisations right across Lincolnshire. This promotion signals our intent to get right behind the county where we ourselves are based.”

Full team stairs

Habit5 have operated from the Sparkhouse building on the University of Lincoln campus for just over a year. They are one of only two Lincolnshire agencies accredited as a Company Partner by the highly respected Market Research Society (MRS). Jones comments, “We want to bring the highest quality market research to the county. We can help businesses successfully develop and launch new products, enter new markets with confidence or target new customer segments effectively. In short, we can help them get ahead and stay ahead of their competition – no pun intended!”

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