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Wednesday 5th December 2018

Press Release issued on 05/12/2018:
Habit5 Lincolnshire’s leading full-service market research agency, has recently celebrated its’ fifth birthday.  The Lincoln-based agency which has grown through implementing online surveys, focus groups and one-to-one interviews for household name clients like: Mercedes-Benz, Interflora and the Woodland Trust, is not basking in past glories though, instead it is very much focused upon ensuring future success over the next five years’.

One ambition that Habit5 wants to achieve over this period is getting the voices of the people of Lincolnshire heard and better represented in market research projects across the industry. David Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Habit5 explains, “Up to now the market research infrastructure has not really been in place across much of Greater Lincolnshire. We want to significantly increase the number of research interviewers living and working in the county. We are also aiming to establish Lincolnshire-focused standing research panels of individuals willing to participate in projects. In the past, too much research fieldwork concentrates on the views of people living in a handful of large metropolitan cities.”

This has meant that all too often, in common with a number of other predominantly rural areas of the UK, the opinions, views and ideas of the people of Lincolnshire are not fully or frequently incorporated within national or regional research studies. David continues, “Here at Habit5, we are actively looking to address this issue. We now have the technological platform to conduct surveys or questionnaires using a tablet or smartphone device – literally, anywhere. Indeed, we have recently completed just such a study, involving 1,094 participants interviewed at seventeen different locations across Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties.”

Habit5 Fifth Birthday Party

David Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Habit5, with Lisa Beal, Research Consultant at the agency, both attending the company’s Fifth Birthday Party at The Pessimist Gin and Wine Bar in Lincoln.

Lisa Beal, Research Consultant at Habit5 picks up the theme, “We’re actively looking to recruit more research interviewers to assist us on research projects throughout Lincolnshire. We want to make it much easier to run research in the county, whether that’s face-to-face or online.”

Habit5 has successfully conducted multiple research projects for Lincolnshire Co-op, Visit Lincoln, Bishop Grosseteste University, IEMA and APSS amongst others, but is looking to expand the number of Lincolnshire-based clients that it is working with. Jones explains, “More Lincolnshire businesses and organisations really should be using market research with their current and future customers, employees and stakeholders. They can sometimes get put off by the complexity and cost of putting a study in place. We can make things a lot simpler for them and grants are available to fund some of the investment here. Sometimes the cost of NOT doing some market research can be much, much higher!”

Habit5 are working with a client at the moment to establish one of the first online research panels made up exclusively of residents of Lincolnshire. Andy Prodger, Research Manager at Habit5, is closely involved, “We’re keen for as many people as possible to sign up to the Panel. We want it to be as representative as possible of the entire population of the county.” Members of the Panel will be invited to participate in up to four research projects a year focused upon issues directly affecting the county.

Jones concludes, “We want Lincolnshire to be regarded as one of the leading counties in the UK when it comes to conducting market research and we’re taking several initiatives that start to make that a reality.”

Notes to editors:
Established in 2013, Habit5 – which operates from the Sparkhouse building on the University of Lincoln campus – has successfully conducted over 80 major research projects during its’ first five years. The agency has run research with:
• over 1,000 shoppers across Lincolnshire
• children about nature and conservation
• teenagers about volunteering
• customers in focus groups from Edinburgh to Southampton
• over 5,000 U.S citizens using online surveys
• families in their own homes about self-catering holidays
• business decision makes including – healthcare practitioners, fleet managers, growers, buyers, environment and sustainability professionals, head teachers, SMEs, corporate decision makers, MDs and CEOs.

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