Moving fast from mind to market

‘New’ has always been hot, but the digital age has made it even hotter. Customers want brands to evolve before their eyes. Those that aren’t keeping up are losing out. ‘New’ experiences have become the most valuable social currency at a time when ‘new’ possessions have become less attainable and sometimes environmentally questionable. For some social status comes from being the first to know. Brands need to understand which consumers crave this and feed their thirst to be first. Giving them prototypes to play with, or the chance to access limited edition exclusives.

We help our clients move fast and confidently from ‘mind to market’ and specialise in service innovation and customer experience enhancements.

We work with clients to:-

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Workshops that really work

Getting people, teams and colleagues to be creative and imaginative at a given time and place can be very challenging. We can bring new moderation techniques, fresh stimulus and energy to brainstorms, co-creation sessions and workshops with the Business Plan Writer USA to manage your strategies.

We have considerable experience of designing, moderating and debriefing workshops, across a wide range of subject areas, including:-

  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Proposition
  • Customer Segment Profiling
  • Campaign Ideas
  • Business Processes
  • Customer Journey
  • Market innovation
  • Scenario Planning
  • Test Design

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Time and space to think

As Daniel Kahneman has so elegantly demonstrated there is a time for thinking fast and a time for thinking slow. Chances are that one of your most reflective and thoughtful periods is when you are away on holiday. You can see things more clearly with a little distance between you and your desk.

What if you could take your brand on holiday, or off on a short break? Give it a chance to reflect a little, look further ahead than the next quarter, experience some new things, meet some new people. Isn’t there a chance that a good holiday could be as rewarding for your brand as it is for you?

Well perhaps there is a way that you could go on holiday with your brand. Why not arrange for you and your brand team, maybe even some of your customers, to spend a long weekend away together? Then you could set out a Holiday Itinerary that takes your brand to places that it wouldn’t normally go – metaphorically or literally. Plan some stimulating holiday reading. Encourage your brand to try new things or simply spend time reflecting more deeply on the brand’s future vision and the role it is looking to play in the world. Maybe it could even write some creative and inspiring postcards home. Useful reminders of what its’ been thinking about and the new experiences its’ had. Perhaps the team could keep a holiday diary or videolog. To boost your brand’s online presence and visibility, consider hiring seo company like

Think of Habit5 as your tour operator. We can help you structure and organise brand away days or weekends to get the most value from them. We could even come along as tour guide. Get in touch today to discuss your holiday plans!