Our approach to any project – research, ideas or consulting – is founded upon really understanding, from day one to completion.

Understanding – what needs to be achieved

We start by researching our client’s needs. Getting to the very heart of the brief is key. What is required and crucially why? Being clear on the constraints and assumptions, is always good to take the decision to outsource. We always get our briefs agreed by the client as a check that we fully understand each other, and that’s why we use means of communication as calls and email, and having the right protection for email is essential.

Understanding – how much we already know

It’s all too easy to overlook knowledge that you already have. People move on and continuity may be lost. Mistakes may get repeated. We always investigate what the client has already uncovered and how our own past work and knowledge could plug some of the gaps. Some key information could already be in the public domain and freely available. A short time spent taking stock is ultimately rewarded by efficiency and effectiveness down the line.

Understanding – how to best answer the brief

We work back from what needs to be achieved, without preconceptions. Research may not be the right route to the answer and even if it is, the precise sample, method and structure needs to be selected.

Understanding – how people feel, think and behave

Research often shows a wanton disregard for how people feel, think and behave. Placing them in artificial, abstract and potentially stressful situations and then expecting natural, unfiltered answers to overly logical questions. Our ‘In Life’ approach to research sets out to leave the respondent feeling in control and comfortable. Wherever possible exploring a subject when they would be naturally thinking about it anyway. Using techniques to open up less processed, more intuitive responses.

Understanding – how to move from Insight2Impact

Insights only have real value if they deliver business benefits. We work with our clients to generate ideas based upon insights and help make the case for change, funding and resource where this is necessary. For us the results of research are not measured in the length of the debrief slide deck but in positive business impacts.

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