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Launch of Habit5 – a new research company committed to helping brands improve their customer understanding

Tuesday 17th September 2013

The last few years’ have witnessed way too many brands, service brands in particular, losing touch with their customers, even trying to confuse them for profit. This won’t work in the long run. Only brands and customers truly understanding one another will ultimately deliver mutual value and enduring relationships.

In recognition of this, today sees the launch of a new MRS Company Partner accredited research consultancy called – Habit5. It believes that the brands that understand best, demonstrate this understanding, and are in turn understood by their customers, will do best in their markets.

David Jones, Managing Director of the new venture commented: “We don’t think that achieving an outstanding understanding of your customers is simple or easy. But we do believe that it is central to sustainable commercial success; for our clients and us. Habit5 is committed to being better at this than any other research company.”

Humans have a deep seated desire to be understood. Understanding is a key part of the social construction of the self, perhaps the second biggest motivator, after the desire for physical survival. When a brand demonstrates that it really understands a customer it gives them a real buzz, prompts recommendation and sustains satisfaction. Not being understood, is a highly motivating unmet need that can really drive action.

David Jones continued, “There is a growing imperative on brands to demonstrate understanding and deliver value, based upon the information and data that they hold on their customers, or face losing the right to hold that data under forthcoming EU legislation.”

Habit5 enters the market with five main differentiators from other research companies:-

  1. Product: Habit5 has established, what it believes, is the first comparative research study to put customer understanding at the heart of things. The Mutual Understanding Measure™ or MUM for short, measures how well a customer feels a brand understands them and how well they understand the brand, initially across twenty leading UK brands
  2. Methodology: Habit5 champions ‘In Life’ Research, arguing that it makes most sense to run research when and where people would be naturally thinking about the subject area, brand, product or channel, rather than abstract them from their normal routine and question them in a special facility, in front of seven or eight people they have never met before
  3. Expertise: Habit5 claims that its’ researchers have the wider marketing expertise to consult upstream and downstream from the research itself. Achieving a stronger join between commercial objectives and research outcomes, assisting their clients in moving from Insight2Impact
  4. Ideas: As the pace of working life and personal life gets ever faster, and in some ways more chaotic, it can be increasingly difficult to find the time and space to Think Slow. More considered and reflective thought can be just as important as agility and thinking on your feet. Habit5 is skilled in creating and moderating opportunities for deeper thought and bigger ideas for leaders, teams, and work groups. It even offers to arrange and facilitate a reflective Brand Break™ or Brand Holiday™.
  5. Process: If a brand, business or organisation has decided to make a systematic step change in how it understands, serves and satisfies its’ customers then Habit5, in the form of the Outstanding Understanding Model™, seems to have the end-to-end process, tools and skills to support this ambition throughout.

Habit5 will work with client companies in: financial services, insurance, travel, utilities, technology and entertainment to progressively improve how they understand their customers; using these insights to enhance the customer experience.

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